Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy Birthday, Belle Tolls!

What a year it has been! For Whom the Belle Tolls went up and running one year ago...Happy Birthday to the blog!

This past year, you've let me celebrate, ruminate, complain, brag, and vent. I've been to the Bahamas, to Dallas, and to the dentist. People on Craigslist were certifiably crazy, I learned that bowling is not my sport, my neighborhood garden club continued their snub, and I managed to nurse Clint through not one, not two, but three surgeries without trying to smother him even once. As my friend Dawn so perfectly put it when talking about playing nurse, "Remember the pillow goes under the head, not over the face."

By now you probably know that I am not a fan of beards or cell phones, but a lover of all things Clemson and a good fad diet. There's been talk about college football, life in the South, and the agony of shopping at Walmart. All year long, there has been love for the blog, hate for the blog (Crazy Cat Lady, if you're still reading, that's for you), and great chatter about the blog. The only thing worse than having people talk about you is not having people talk about you, so I have enjoyed every second of it.

The blog's Facebook page is up to over 300 likes (321, if you're counting--which I believe only my mom and I are, but there you have it), and last month Clint met a coworker for dinner and when he mentioned my name, lo and behold, Mr. Project Manager was a blog fan! Small world. I voted that guy get a big promotion, as he clearly showed a high level of intellect and keen judgment.

Thanks, everyone, for your stories, comments, and encouragement over the last year. Feel free to raise a cocktail, enjoy some cake, and maybe send a gift (I kid...but if you insist...). I hope the blog has taken it's "toll" on you this year in the best possible way.

Love you. Mean it.

The Belle of the Blog

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