Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Moments

We are now entering the time of year that my husband calls Susie's post-Christmas denial. It's still December, and I'm still celebrating. I need to wean myself slowly off Christmastime, or the withdrawal symptoms are just too severe. I love everything about this time of year--the traditions, the hustle and bustle of shoppers in crowded stores, and all of the festivity that abounds. This year, our holiday was filled with great people, fantastic food, and beautiful decorations. It was merry, that's for sure.

I had the chance to interact with some truly fascinating folks during the Christmas season. Two standouts for me, other than my wonderful group of friends and family, deserve to be mentioned on the blog. First, there was the pretentious lady in the nail salon who enthralled me (eye roll) with her life story, capped off with a gem of an anecdote about the nude sculpture in her foyer--a woman doing a split on top of a large gold sphere. And I quote, "Her vajayjay tells you hello, and her a-- tells you goodbye. Isn't that just fantastic?" You can't make up stuff like that folks. Although it might inspire you to add to your art collection. Titillating talker #2 would have to be the near stranger who told me all about her dream of spending $7,000 a night "glamping" at the Coachella music festival. Sorry, hon: I like indoor plumbing and 80s music, so all of that was lost on me. Maybe you didn't see the word yuppie monogrammed on my forehead, but it's there. In interlocking script, of course.

You may already know at this point that food is also a big part of why I love this season. It would take me a week to describe all of the deliciousness I've managed to devour over Christmas, so let me just tell you some of the highlights I scarfed down just in the four day visit to my parents' house, including but not limited to: Paula Deen's french toast casserole, chicken and dumplings at Cracker Barrel, homemade macaroni and cheese, German chocolate cake, Junior's cheesecake shipped all the way from its home in New York, turkey and dressing, and even a well-timed lunch at Brother Johns subs in my hometown, right before they closed on Christmas Eve day. We had sausage balls and a cheese ring, Christmas cookies and hot spiced tea, peppermint bark and pecan pie; everyone was happy except the seams on my pants. This year, I managed to eat so much that I spent two days worried that I had given myself gout. It turned out to be a bone bruise on my foot (whew!), so luckily, I could keep right on snacking. We're still working on the leftovers, because it would be a shame to let all those goodies go to waste. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Let's spend some much-deserved time talking about the lights and decorations. I think that once I show you the way my mother decorates for Christmas you will understand why I grew up loving this time of year so much. Ebenezer Scrooge would get giddy pulling into the driveway at Susan's abode. Here are a few pictures of this year's decor:

This year's theme included vintage blow-mold Santas and silver tinsel trees.

Here's a closer picture of the front door, in all its glowing glory.

You know your decorations are on par when they include life-size Santas.

Even the mailbox is decorated to the hilt.

This is the tree in the living room, most importantly, where my presents were stored.

The snowman tree kept us company during breakfasts (okay, and a few snacks) at the kitchen table.

My mom said when she saw this sign, she knew it was made for our family. There's a lot of truth there.

Oh, did you not have a snowman bathing in your tub? We certainly did.

This silver gilded tree was waiting for me in my bedroom. 

We had a grand total of seven Christmas trees. Here is the one in the game room, ready to play.

Maybe these pictures will give you an inkling of how my love affair with Christmas came to be; you can plainly see I was raised with tinsel in my veins. The only thing missing was a real live Santa Claus and maybe a reindeer...which we added on Christmas Eve:

Santa knew that we'd been so good this year, he didn't even wait until we were sleeping to stop in.

Naturally, the Toccoa Santa has a pickup truck sled. That reindeer is four-wheel drive, Bo.

All of the decorations set the scene for a fantastic Christmas. My family was blessed with a mountain of gifts, good health, and plenty of laughter (aided in part by hours of our favorite Christmas movies, like Christmas Vacation, Home Alone, and Holiday Inn). We were talking about the ABC show "Great Christmas Light Fight," when my parents told us about a house not far away that had been featured last year. Naturally, we had to go check it out, and believe me when I tell you it did not disappoint.

The Goff family Christmas lights display in Canon, Georgia.
Dad, Mom, and I getting in the spirit at the Goff's.
You know I"m not usually one for inflatables, but how do you not like a hot tubbing Santa Claus?

I think the light display was a great way to sum up our holiday: merry, bright, and abundant. And until January rears its ugly, resolution-clad head, I'm going to stay that way. It's still Christmas at our house, at least for a few more precious days. Now, pass me the Christmas cookies and keep your mitts off my decorations. Oh what fun it STILL is!

*Update: I almost forgot to share with you, dear readers, one of my favorite gifts I received this year. Allow me to present what all the fashionable folks will be wearing in the coming year--a For Whom the Belle Tolls tshirt! (Bonus feature: the back reads, "Give 'em Belle!")

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  1. I love all the decorations, and I'm borrowing the snowman tree idea!


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